The “opt-out” option implemented by the Piano Analytics service (AT Internet) makes it possible to exclude data your browsing data on, which uses the Piano Analytics (AT Internet) audience service (AT Internet), which collects statistical data.
To activate this option, you must first activate the deposit of an “analyticsOptOut” cookie.
This activation guarantees that your opt-out request will be recognised and remembered each time you you visit This option will only be taken into account on the the browser on which the opt-out cookie is stored. If you do not activate this cookie, if you subsequently delete it later, or if you visit in private browsing mode, we will not be able to private browsing, we will not be able to detect your request and we will continue to collect tracking data.
I understand that after activating this option, I will be counted as an Internet user who refusing to be audited and that my browsing data will be excluded from the data returned by Piano Analytics (AT Internet).

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