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Boone Comenor Metalimpex is first and foremost about our team of dedicated people. In our family-run business – now in its fourth generation – from management to operations, our people are united by a strong team spirit and buoyed by consummate professionalism, embracing a culture that puts the customer first.

I wish to thank every single team member worldwide. Your dedication is the driving force behind our long-term success.”

Laurent Boone, CEO

Photo d'équipe qui rassemble plusieurs collaborateurs Metalimpex.



For nearly 20 years, Nicolas has worked in the sales department of Metalimpex, of which he is now the sales director for France. His job is to ensure the commercial development of the group in France and revolves around three main missions: to offer the most suitable solutions to industrial customers, to negotiate prices according to supply and demand and finally to manage a team. of salespeople.

Le mot de Laurent

At Boone Comenor Metalimpex, we are fortunate to work in a virtuous sector, the recycling of metal, an infinitely reusable material. we actively participate in the circular economy

Laurent Boone
Le mot de Nicolas
Nicolas Leclercq
Sales France Manager
Le mot de Philippe
Philippe Auvray
Chief Financial Officer
Le mot de Frédéric
Frédéric Le Poulichet
Business Development Manager
Le mot de Patrick
Patrick Sauvage
Operations Manager
Le mot de Justine
Justine Janiak
Human Resources Manager
Le mot d'Isabelle
Isabelle Barbier
Quality Manager
Le mot de Jean-François
Jean-François Coussemacker
Chief Technology Officer
Le mot de Julien
Julien Colart
Chief Information and Digital Officer
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